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Powered by Enviu?

Climate crisis is here. This brings many challenges and potential threats to existing companies. But we see this as an opportunity for frontrunners to grow their impact and business. The question is how.

We help you transition to fundamentally new business models with positive impact on society. We deliver fundamental disruption rather than incremental innovation. 

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We are in the era of action. And it starts with the business model.

Global consumers are perceptibly moving towards environment-friendly products and services. Young employees favor sustainability-driven companies and institutions. Amid these fundamental shifts driven by climate change, the market is being redefined. This is an opportunity for future-minded business leaders to not only adhere to the regulations and SDG commitments but to become a truly circular and inclusive business; to reimagine their propositions and models; to have a clear purpose; and to grow a business that really matters.

Transition is now

The challenges of fundamental change

There is an urgency and opportunity, but guiding organizations to fundamental change is easier said than done.

Difficulty in changing core business model

Lack of entrepreneurial competencies and incentives

Risk of brand reputation with disruptive innovation

Unfamiliarity with the circular or impact space, its pitfalls and opportunities

Dependent on existing value chain partners and agreements of the risks of fundamental change for established companies

We are aware of these challenges and risks. However, taking a venture approach with the power of Enviu helps you mitigate them and innovate for impact in a low-risk, open-minded, and effective way.


What is Powered by Enviu

We are an innovation agency that designs and builds future-ready business models.

Powered by Enviu is Enviu Group's as-a-service agency for companies and institutions to turn their businesses net-positive. We are an innovation agency that designs, validates, and builds future-ready business models and scalable ventures for companies and coalitions. We build on Enviu’s 19+ years of experience and proven methodology in building ventures and ecosystems for social impact.

We have an intrinsic commitment to go all-in and make it happen.

Powered By Enviu is an offering from Enviu, where we have been putting our time, skills, and resources into impact for over 19 years. To us, this is a serious matter. After building disruptive ventures and coalitions in challenging geographies and value chains, we learned that the more impossible it seems, the more value can be created. We have unmatched experience in social impact venturing, which allows us to bring concrete solutions to the table and boost your impact and business. And we are in a unique position to bring these two disjointed (impact and business) worlds together

— as they should be.​​

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Why choose


Who will do it

Backed by the team at Enviu Group, Ankie van Wersch and Michiel Elich will spearhead Powered By Enviu.


Ankie van Wersch-Lenders



Ankie has over 20 years of experience in retail, logistics, and value chain innovation. She is an idealist with a strong business sense. She thrives in complex situations and (impossible) challenges, making positive change a reality.

Ankie joined Enviu’s management team in 2015, and served as the co-CEO, along with Michiel Elich, between 2017 and 2023. Since January 2023, she has been serving as one of the MDs of Powered By Enviu. Ankie holds an MSc in International Business Studies from Maastricht University. She started her career in retail and logistics in Boston at a spin-off of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US. She later moved back to Europe to serve as the supply chain manager at Procter & Gamble and later as director at the management consultant firm IG&H Consulting. Besides Powered by Enviu, Ankie is eager to make a positive difference for children. Ankie founded the Tika Foundation, which works to improve the lives of children in Nepal. She is also the chairperson of the supervisory board of Simavi, a foundation supporting women across the globe.


Michiel Elich



Michiel has been working in the domain of growth strategy, innovation, and new business modeling for over 25 years. Michiel loves to challenge the status quo, taking new perspectives. He is driven by innovative business models that positively impact business and society.

Michiel served as a co-CEO of Enviu between January 2017 and December 2022, following which he and Ankie founded Powered By Enviu in January 2023. Ankie and Michiel were instrumental in building Enviu into a successful international impact venture-building studio. Michiel holds an MSc in Business Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before joining Enviu, Michiel was a partner at management consulting firm IG&H Consulting, leading the practices for strategy and innovation, and data and analytics. Besides work and family, Michiel loves to spend a chunk of his free time in sports such as (ultra) running and beach volleyball.

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